First gangbang

My first gangbang was organised by my wife in the days before the internet. We’d seen an add by a gentleman in our city who arranged gangbangs for passive men in his house. He stated he’d get a group of men together for one or two subs and they’d use the subs.
My wife arranged for me to attend, told me about it after the fact and I had a week of her ‘preparing’ me.
She originally told me while fucking me with her strapon. I was tied spread eagle across out bed and she was about to mount me when she informed me that,
“You’re going to get gang fucked on Saturday.”
I thought she was joking, just teasing before she fucked me. She climbed onto the bed, knelt betwenn my thighs and pressed her dong against my greasy arse. As she just rammed the full 10×2” into me, fell on me and began fucking me she snarled into my ear the details.
“You’re going to get fucked by a dozen men and then come home and tell me all the details while I punish you for being a slut. I’ve arranged to have that many strangers just fuck your holes all Saturday afternoon until they’re satisfied then dump you out the door to drag your arse home.”
I nearly came then and there.
She kept up the obscene descriptions of how she’d told the organiser how I liked to be choked by cock, took dildos cocks and fists up the arse and loved to swallow cum. All the while she was fucking me harder and harder and I was squealing in pain and pleasure.
She came and collapsed on my back as I moaned and my restrained cock leaked. She rolled off and untied one hand telling me to get untied and down to ‘suck me off.’
Her cunt was a swamp, hot and messy, she obviously loved the idea of me being gang fucked.
After a week of this I found myself getting out of the car after finishing a joint and approaching a quiet unit. I knocked, I was wearing boots, jeans and a shirt, cock-ring and butt-plug, shaved and cleaned out.
The door was opened by an older man who was only wearing a jockstrap. He asked my name, told me to come in and pointed through a door telling me to “Get ready, everyone’s here.”
I stepped into a bedroom, stripped off, made sure I had my poppers and left the room. I saw down a short hallway that there were some men so I approached. The older man saw me and came forward. His cock was now exposed and hard. He smiled and told me to “suck it.”
I bent forward and sucked the head of his cock, he pushed my head down and I quickly swallowed him. He moaned and said, “you’ll do.” Pulled me upright and lead me by the cock into the adjoining room. It was a large rectangle with a couple of mattresses on the floor, a lounge covered in a sheet and a couple of similarly covered chairs. There was a video camera and a still camera on tripods and at least 12 men of all shapes, sizes and colours.
I was extremely excited, my cock dribbling and my hole twitching.
He lead me to the centre of the room where one think was kneeling already sucking a cock.
“Gentlemen the second slut. Let’s fuck!”
I was pushed to my knees next to the twins and immediately had a cock pushed into my mouth. I eagerly opened my mouth and sucked. Another cock was pushed against my face and I was soon wanking two while sucking, swapping between three strangers hard cocks. The biggest was about 8” and curved so it made me gag but they seemed to enjoy that and I was soon being encouraged to “suck it to the balls.”
I love deep throating and was very quickly being facefucked. Someone pulled at my hips to raise me from kneeling to being on all fours, thenplug was pulled out and a hit cock was quickly stuffed into my arse which made me moan just as the first load of cum squirted into my throat and mouth. I slurped it down as the man in my arse began to fuck me earnestly, ploughing my easy hole, describing how hot and easy I was.
I lost track of time and was being double fucked continuously. I had cum sprayed across my face, hair, down my throat and up my arse. My wife had asked for me to be bare backed so she had plenty of lube to fist fuck me with when I got home.
I wasn’t allowed to cum but that didn’t stop the think having to suck me right up to the point of blowing down his throat. The host was watching and as I nearly came he slapped my balls, gripped them and squeezed to stop me. He then told everyone, “watch this.”
He made me stay on all fours, sniff the poppers and punched his fist into my arse. I orgasmed anally, loudly and long as he punched me open almost to his elbow, he explained how my wife wanted my hole ruined before I got known caked out to drag my hole home and she’d really fuck me up!
As was fisted by three or four men before I collapsed to lie exhausted and cum covered on the floor. Most of the men had had their fun and were leaving when the host told me to get out. I crawled to the bedroom, pushed the plug back in my now very loose arsehole, collected my clothes, dragging them over my fum covered body and made my way to the door. I saw the host on the floor with his heals over the shoulders of a much younger man with a big cock who was ploughing him deeply. He looked at me, said thank you for the use of your holes and I left as they both groaned in orgasm.
I stumbled to my car, drive home.
My wife was waiting, naked on the lounge. She had me strip and display myself, she inspected me closely, seeing the cum everywhere and my purple swollen cock and balks which she teased and wanked. She had me kneel on the coffee table and describe in detail what had happened as she wanked with a big vibrator until she’d cum once. Then with, ‘that out of the way’ she had me continue p, pulled the plug from my arse and proceeded to fist fuck me up to her elbow. As I moaned and groaned, my arsehole orgasming continuously she pounded me hollow. She made me stay still and abused my hole like never before until I’d finished the tale. Then I had to stand before her, she swallowed my cock, held my balls in one hand and again fisted me until I shot in her mouth.
I collapsed and she left me there to recover as she washed the mess from her arm, up to her shoulder where it had run. I c alert o the shower and cleaned up begire climbing into bed. She made me suck her cunt until she couldn’t take any more then got the biggest plug we had 3 1/2” across, shoved it into my arse and we dozed off.

Becoming His

She stopped just inside the doorway and turned, her voice faltering a little as she saw the look on his face: “I… I want… I want you”, she said.

Matthew laughed softly, then kissed her hard on the mouth, all too briefly. He was amused that she had thought – even just for a few moments – that she was making the decisions.

He had planned a relaxed evening, thinking that she would need to be cuddled and taken care of. He knew now that he had underestimated her; that she had an appetite that he would enjoy trying to fulfil.

“You know that’s not how it goes”, he told her, his tone laced with sympathy.

“What do you mean?”, she asked.

“I mean”, he replied, his finger lifting her chin up a little, “that you wanting me to fuck your greedy pussy doesn’t mean I’m going to.”

Grace whimpered, and Matthew had the pleasure of seeing this woman – this professional, dominant, powerful woman – pouting because he wouldn’t give her his cock. He smiled in satisfaction, and when she opened her mouth to argue he silenced her with a serious look.

“Now, I want to see your bruises”, Matthew said. He indicated the edge of her dressing table: “Put your hands here, and stick your bottom out”, he ordered.

When Grace had obeyed he moved behind her then lifted her dress up around her waist, and pulled her knickers down around her knees. On each of her bottom cheeks were red and purple bruises – the evidence of the spanking she had received the day before. Gently, he placed one palm over one side of her bum and began to caress it. When Grace moaned and pushed back against his hand, he dug his fingers in painfully; turning her moan into a whimper.

Removing his hand from her bottom, Matthew reached between her legs, cupping her pussy and then chuckling as he felt her juices.

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