The Way He Likes Me to Wake Him

My eyes open early to the darkness still enveloping the room. In the stillness I feel his warmth, he’s rolled over from me, but our legs are still wrapped together like they were when sleep found me. I listen to his breathing, slow and steady, just like him. He is the slow and steady in my chaos. He doesn’t even realize how he calms me, guides me, centers me.

Slowly, so slowly I roll over to face him, sleeping so soundly on his back. I run my finger along his cheek down to his chin, his whiskers are scratchy. Watching him sleep, lost to his dreams, my heart beats hard. I love him. How or why, I don’t know. I just know I’ll never be the same without him.

Lifting the covers slightly, I slide my body down his, curling up into a ball next to him. I know I’m going to wake him up in a moment, but I don’t think he’ll mind.

Lifting my head, leaning over his hips, the flat of my warm tongue finds his sleeping manhood. Resting softly against his body, its shape and size about to be transformed. My tongue licks the length of his cock, another lick covers this side, my tongue slides down to lick his balls, sucking them gently into my mouth one at a time. He stirs. My ears are treated to his low growl, his senses waking to my submission. His hips move as he stretches his legs out, muscles waking to desire.

His fingers find my hair and start twirling. I know he’s with me now, even though he hasn’t said a word. Sliding his cock fully into my mouth, the warmth surrounding him, the wetness enlivening him, I feel him grow, harden, filling my mouth.
My tongue licks the veins I feel pulsing with life. I suck and slide him in and out. His cock too large to keep inside any longer

My tongue slides up to the tip, seeking the foretaste of his pleasure. I find it leaking from that tiny hole. Licking it off him, I taste his need. Sucking on his head, I crave more.

Thus the dance begins. My head bobbing and sliding, licking and sucking. His hand in my hair, twisting and pulling, forcing me to take him deep, all the way down my throat, holding me there while I gag and choke on his body. My grunting and panting matched by his growling and groaning. Over and over this dance moves us through time. I can’t get enough of his pleasure, he can’t get enough of my submission.

A rhythm established, muscles contracting, hearts pounding, he grabs my head once more and pushes himself into me, completely. His hips thrust his cock deep down my throat. He holds himself still, both hands twisted in my hair. I listen for the sounds I know are coming, the noises I love. My head starts feeling lost, body deprived of air, but still I focus. My reward is near.

Seconds is all I wait, his body pulses violently, his growl starting low, rumbling even lower as he releases his seed into my body. The ropes of cum slide down my throat.

His fingers loosen their grip, breath finds my lungs again. Not wanting it to be over, I suck his head, pulling out the last few drops of that creamy deliciousness. All mine.
Sliding my body back up beside him, I crawl into his arms, resting my head on his chest so I can listen to his heartbeat as it slows.

“Good morning babygirl,” his whispered words as his arm wraps around me holding me tightly to him. Two people, together, we feel like one.