Long weekend, afternoon delights

A little relief from her horny height Bec used a towel and sat on the lounge, “ I might leak a bit.”
Laughing, “A bit?! You’re leaving snail trails.”
She actually blushed but sat on the towel and lent back, put her heals up on the edge of the lounge and let her knees fall apart exposing her gaped cunt and leaking pucker. We lit up the reefer and I passed it to her, I prefer a pipe and had a couple of them, it was strong and it ran straight to my groin! I was hard again very quickly which Bec appreciated. “Oo Pinky’s ready for play again, is daddy going to fuck my big hole?”
“Daddy’s going to fuck everything Mittens got. I wouldn’t touch the sides in that bucket cunt.”
Bec trembled and I could see her cunt contract, cum dribbling out and run down across her loose arsehole and drip onto the towel.
I leant across her and began to kiss her, she passionately responded, we collapsed together and snogged deeply, out hands found each other nipples, genitals and arses as we explored what we’d use and abuse this weekend.
Our passion, fueled by the drugs drove us to devour each other. I slipped slowly down her body, sucking and nibbling at her neck, I knew she’d be marked but wanted her to be, to remember who she was really a slut for. Her nipples were still tied off and were stone-hard, blackened and cold centres of excitement. I sucked them as hard as I could causing her to squeal and moan, then using my teeth I pulled the ties off. Now she screamed as blood rushed into them and I sucked even harder. The fingers of my right hand were deep into her loose, messy cunt and I pulled them out and shoved them into her mouth to gag her cries and then began to chew on her already abused nipple. She quietend a bit and I returned my hand to her cunt, pressed against her clit with my thumb and dug my four fingers into her g-spot. She moaned and grunted in pleasure. I lifted my mouth a little, “Tell me how you bought the dope.” Then I returned to chewing on her tits and groping her quickly slackening cunt.
Between moans and with a rising panting breaths Bec relayed what she’d done to pay for the dope.
First she’d got the shopping done and by 930 she’d turned up unannounced at the dealers place. She knew that wasn’t how she was meant to do it, she was meant to call first but she’d decided just to turn up and see what he’d demand. She had been really horny after the quick fist and her nipples being tied off, knowing she was going to get a fuck and a weekend of stoned debauchery.
He’d been a bit pissed at her turning up unannounced but let her in telling her to go through to the poolroom. I’d not been there but apparently this was a games room at the back of the house with a pool tanpble and other games where he carried out business, at least the business he did with Bec. About once a month she’d npbe there paying for her dope, usually face down across the poll table getting fucked or on her knees sucking.
This morning he’d been up only a short while and was only dressed in shorts when she arrived. As he let her in past him in the doorway and told her to go to the poolroom he’d slapped her arse. She mormally wore little when she knew she was going there and with just a slip on he knew she’d be paying the usual way and had commented on it.
Bec had waited near the pool table as he collected the bag she wanted turning up a couple of minutes later and tossing it onto the table. He told her to strip and show him the wares. She’d quickly done so and twirled in front of him to display and excite so he’d blow quickly. He always really fucked her roughly and she wanted him to blow quickly so she could get home and start her dirty weekend.
She’d seen his cock rising in his shorts and knelt and pulled them down to have his thick 8 inches spring up. She’d sucked him, He tasted of his morning piss and she’d decided to give home a real slutty show, slobbering and moaning hoping he’d blow quickly as she deep throated him. He grinned down at her then informed her, “I had a slut here last Iggy, she’s just left so you’ll have to work at it, she drained my balls about half an hour ago”
Bec knew he’d take a while to cum, he’d fucked her a few times more than once for an ounce and she always paid the price he demanded. She’d began facefucking herself and sucking as hard as she could keeping her tongue against the sensitive underside of his cock. He was enjoying it and calling her the filthy racist names he gets off one. She was a ‘dirty boong, A black cock-sucking slut, a hole, a fickpig!’
On hearing her description of her abuse I twisted my hand around and slipped my thumb into her arse. She ground down harder.
Bec gets off on abuse and being a whore so this is ok, she’d normally get mad as hell at anything like this but full of cock and she loved it.
He’d grabbed her head and pounded her face until he came balls deep in her throat, Pulled out and wiped his cock across her face. She’d stood up and moved to get her bag and leave but he’d told her, “Not so fast cunt.”
He’d given her a bucket to smoke, then another, then another and she was mightily stoned very quickly. The phone rang and he’d taken the call as she slumped naked on the floor next to his chair. He returned to the room and and sat, “suck me hard.” She rose to her knees and sucked him until he was fully erect again. He’d pushed her away and then told her to lie face down across the table and spread her feet wide. He stepped between her legs and shoved his cock into her loose cunt. “Your cunt is so loose I can barely feel it. It’s more like a flicking bucket you slut. Pull your arse open.”
Bec had been arsefucked by him a few times, what he wanted she let him have so she’d reached back with both hands and pulled her cheeks apart exposing her lossened arsehole, the fisting had been rough but made her arsefucking easier. Her nipples were now ribbing on the felt of the poo table and she was stoned and getting hornier by the second. He’d told her to beg for it and Bec had willingly and enthusiastically begged him to “FUCK MY SLACK BOONG ARSE. FILL ME WITH YOUR WHITE CUM.”
I slid down from her now very marked tits to her gaping holes and started to suck on her clit as my hand was forced into her cunt and the fingers of my other hand forced there way into her arse. With four in her rectum and my hand in her cunt Bec was in the fuck heaven she enjoys.
He’d plunged in and began to plough into her. She’d cut and kept cumming, she’d really been very horny. She was aware only of being his fucktoy when suddenly there was someone else in the room. He didn’t stop or even slow but invited the other man to “shut this little black fuckhole up.” Stuff her face. Bec had looked up to see a bikie sort pulling a cock out of his jeans, she said it was a really thick one a bit smaller than her dealers. Then he climbed on the pool table, grabbed her hair and stuffed his erection into her face. Bec had swallowed and was thoroughly spit roast between the two men. They had her roll over onto her back never taking their cocks out of her and continued to fuck her face and arse.
The bikie was getting closer but her loose arse wasn’t getting her dealer to cum. He’d pulled out and sat on his chair. Bec was ordered to climb off the table and climb onto him, reverse cowgirl with his cock buried in her black arse. Then the bikie came over and stuffed himself into her cunt. They’d sawed into her for a few minutes before both coming in her filling her cunt and arse very close together, pumping of cum into her cunt gave just enough pressure to make her dealer flood her rectum.
When they’d pulled out Bec was made suck them clean, had her dress and dope thrown at her and told, “Get out and you better call next time or you’ll regret it!”
Bec doubted she would regret it.
I was now pumping my fist in her cunt and decided to slip my thumb into her arse as well. She was very lubed with cum and I don’t think she realised a fist was about to enter her arse until I pushed. She squealed and began to thrash about. I bit her clit and ground my clenched fist against her g-spot then shoved my hand into her rectum. She screamed and came. I could feel her contracting rhythmically around my hands as being the vocal slut she is she was calling out how good it felt to be stuffed full, “stuffed like a Christmas turkey!”
I kept her cumming for a few minutes, Bec became incoherent, babbling nonsense, pleading, squealing and eventually begging me to “STOP. PLEASE STOP. I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!”
I lifted my cum covered face and pulled my hands out of both her holes. It made a disgusting slurping sound, air rushing into the gaping orifaces and gurgling deep inside her. I wiped my hands across her belly, tits and had her join me in licking them clean. She was exhausted and laid there, spread and unguarded. I took my phone a photographed her, some of the closeups showed her cervix she was that open.
I went and got drinks, she’d bought a carton of beer and a couple of bottles of wine. I sat opposite her my cock throbbing as I took a swig of cold beer. She was just dozing, lovely in her relaxation and easy availability. I had a couple of pipes then stepped across to Bec and pushed my cock into her mouth. She quickly came to and rolled around to suck me.
I let her do so for a little while then stepped back and passed her thebpipe and a beer, she took both and emptied them quickly.
Recovering we decided on lunch which Bec would prepare while I ‘got the room ready.’
While Bec went naked to the kitchen, I wouldn’t let her wipe herself clean, I wanted her dribbling cum down her legs, I went to the bedroom.
The bedroom had one wall, floor to ceiling of mirrors, we had hooks in the ceiling and above the bed. I put ropes on the bed and laid out our extensive collection of restraints, toys, floggers, and clothing. I put a couple of fresh bottles of poppers near the bed a a large pot of a Crisco was opened. I put the video on the tripod and the camera was nearby for easy use. I opened the security grill so we could easily step out through the window onto the verandah that ran around the house and on this side was adjacent to the fence which separated us from the community and which they used as a shortcut through to the shop.
Bec was still preparing a salad when I’d finished and I approached her from behind. Wrapped my arms around her and ground my erection into her arse. I’d slipped a cock-ring on so I was very hard, purple and dying to be in Bec, she knew it and pushed her arse back. “Which?” I asked
“Whichever.”she replied, “Both!”
I pushed my cock down lined up her arse and slid in with ease. She moaned andhumped back. I began to sodomise her with passion then slipped out and immediately entered her loose cunt. She loves this and came. I began to pound her, slipping from one hole to the other which sort of makes her a bit tighter, not much, she really does have big loose holes but they’re sensitive and she has a huge sex drive. It wasn’t long before she’d really pushed back exposing herself to me and I pounded away. I was getting closer, my breathing increasing, “Which hole slut. Where’d you daddies cum?”
“My black arsehole, fill my black arsehole.”
I slammed into her and pumped my loaded into her asking rectum as I hugged her closely. As I finished I could feel her slack hole leaking cum out, it ran down my balls and dripped onto the floor with a splat which had us both laughing. We pulled apart, becbent downwuicklt and sucked me clean then we finished lunch and made our way back to the lounge to eat. I finished lunch by having Bec get on all fours as she smipoked and let me eat out both her gaping holes and clean her up and make her cum again.
After this we fell alseep lying on the lounge wrapped in each other’s arms.