The Calling

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First gangbang

My first gangbang was organised by my wife in the days before the internet. We’d seen an add by a gentleman in our city who arranged gangbangs for passive men in his house. He stated he’d get a group of men together for one or two subs and they’d use the subs.
My wife arranged for me to attend, told me about it after the fact and I had a week of her ‘preparing’ me.
She originally told me while fucking me with her strapon. I was tied spread eagle across out bed and she was about to mount me when she informed me that,
“You’re going to get gang fucked on Saturday.”
I thought she was joking, just teasing before she fucked me. She climbed onto the bed, knelt betwenn my thighs and pressed her dong against my greasy arse. As she just rammed the full 10×2” into me, fell on me and began fucking me she snarled into my ear the details.
“You’re going to get fucked by a dozen men and then come home and tell me all the details while I punish you for being a slut. I’ve arranged to have that many strangers just fuck your holes all Saturday afternoon until they’re satisfied then dump you out the door to drag your arse home.”
I nearly came then and there.
She kept up the obscene descriptions of how she’d told the organiser how I liked to be choked by cock, took dildos cocks and fists up the arse and loved to swallow cum. All the while she was fucking me harder and harder and I was squealing in pain and pleasure.
She came and collapsed on my back as I moaned and my restrained cock leaked. She rolled off and untied one hand telling me to get untied and down to ‘suck me off.’
Her cunt was a swamp, hot and messy, she obviously loved the idea of me being gang fucked.
After a week of this I found myself getting out of the car after finishing a joint and approaching a quiet unit. I knocked, I was wearing boots, jeans and a shirt, cock-ring and butt-plug, shaved and cleaned out.
The door was opened by an older man who was only wearing a jockstrap. He asked my name, told me to come in and pointed through a door telling me to “Get ready, everyone’s here.”
I stepped into a bedroom, stripped off, made sure I had my poppers and left the room. I saw down a short hallway that there were some men so I approached. The older man saw me and came forward. His cock was now exposed and hard. He smiled and told me to “suck it.”
I bent forward and sucked the head of his cock, he pushed my head down and I quickly swallowed him. He moaned and said, “you’ll do.” Pulled me upright and lead me by the cock into the adjoining room. It was a large rectangle with a couple of mattresses on the floor, a lounge covered in a sheet and a couple of similarly covered chairs. There was a video camera and a still camera on tripods and at least 12 men of all shapes, sizes and colours.
I was extremely excited, my cock dribbling and my hole twitching.
He lead me to the centre of the room where one think was kneeling already sucking a cock.
“Gentlemen the second slut. Let’s fuck!”
I was pushed to my knees next to the twins and immediately had a cock pushed into my mouth. I eagerly opened my mouth and sucked. Another cock was pushed against my face and I was soon wanking two while sucking, swapping between three strangers hard cocks. The biggest was about 8” and curved so it made me gag but they seemed to enjoy that and I was soon being encouraged to “suck it to the balls.”
I love deep throating and was very quickly being facefucked. Someone pulled at my hips to raise me from kneeling to being on all fours, thenplug was pulled out and a hit cock was quickly stuffed into my arse which made me moan just as the first load of cum squirted into my throat and mouth. I slurped it down as the man in my arse began to fuck me earnestly, ploughing my easy hole, describing how hot and easy I was.
I lost track of time and was being double fucked continuously. I had cum sprayed across my face, hair, down my throat and up my arse. My wife had asked for me to be bare backed so she had plenty of lube to fist fuck me with when I got home.
I wasn’t allowed to cum but that didn’t stop the think having to suck me right up to the point of blowing down his throat. The host was watching and as I nearly came he slapped my balls, gripped them and squeezed to stop me. He then told everyone, “watch this.”
He made me stay on all fours, sniff the poppers and punched his fist into my arse. I orgasmed anally, loudly and long as he punched me open almost to his elbow, he explained how my wife wanted my hole ruined before I got known caked out to drag my hole home and she’d really fuck me up!
As was fisted by three or four men before I collapsed to lie exhausted and cum covered on the floor. Most of the men had had their fun and were leaving when the host told me to get out. I crawled to the bedroom, pushed the plug back in my now very loose arsehole, collected my clothes, dragging them over my fum covered body and made my way to the door. I saw the host on the floor with his heals over the shoulders of a much younger man with a big cock who was ploughing him deeply. He looked at me, said thank you for the use of your holes and I left as they both groaned in orgasm.
I stumbled to my car, drive home.
My wife was waiting, naked on the lounge. She had me strip and display myself, she inspected me closely, seeing the cum everywhere and my purple swollen cock and balks which she teased and wanked. She had me kneel on the coffee table and describe in detail what had happened as she wanked with a big vibrator until she’d cum once. Then with, ‘that out of the way’ she had me continue p, pulled the plug from my arse and proceeded to fist fuck me up to her elbow. As I moaned and groaned, my arsehole orgasming continuously she pounded me hollow. She made me stay still and abused my hole like never before until I’d finished the tale. Then I had to stand before her, she swallowed my cock, held my balls in one hand and again fisted me until I shot in her mouth.
I collapsed and she left me there to recover as she washed the mess from her arm, up to her shoulder where it had run. I c alert o the shower and cleaned up begire climbing into bed. She made me suck her cunt until she couldn’t take any more then got the biggest plug we had 3 1/2” across, shoved it into my arse and we dozed off.

Becoming His

She stopped just inside the doorway and turned, her voice faltering a little as she saw the look on his face: “I… I want… I want you”, she said.

Matthew laughed softly, then kissed her hard on the mouth, all too briefly. He was amused that she had thought – even just for a few moments – that she was making the decisions.

He had planned a relaxed evening, thinking that she would need to be cuddled and taken care of. He knew now that he had underestimated her; that she had an appetite that he would enjoy trying to fulfil.

“You know that’s not how it goes”, he told her, his tone laced with sympathy.

“What do you mean?”, she asked.

“I mean”, he replied, his finger lifting her chin up a little, “that you wanting me to fuck your greedy pussy doesn’t mean I’m going to.”

Grace whimpered, and Matthew had the pleasure of seeing this woman – this professional, dominant, powerful woman – pouting because he wouldn’t give her his cock. He smiled in satisfaction, and when she opened her mouth to argue he silenced her with a serious look.

“Now, I want to see your bruises”, Matthew said. He indicated the edge of her dressing table: “Put your hands here, and stick your bottom out”, he ordered.

When Grace had obeyed he moved behind her then lifted her dress up around her waist, and pulled her knickers down around her knees. On each of her bottom cheeks were red and purple bruises – the evidence of the spanking she had received the day before. Gently, he placed one palm over one side of her bum and began to caress it. When Grace moaned and pushed back against his hand, he dug his fingers in painfully; turning her moan into a whimper.

Removing his hand from her bottom, Matthew reached between her legs, cupping her pussy and then chuckling as he felt her juices.

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The Way He Likes Me to Wake Him

My eyes open early to the darkness still enveloping the room. In the stillness I feel his warmth, he’s rolled over from me, but our legs are still wrapped together like they were when sleep found me. I listen to his breathing, slow and steady, just like him. He is the slow and steady in my chaos. He doesn’t even realize how he calms me, guides me, centers me.

Slowly, so slowly I roll over to face him, sleeping so soundly on his back. I run my finger along his cheek down to his chin, his whiskers are scratchy. Watching him sleep, lost to his dreams, my heart beats hard. I love him. How or why, I don’t know. I just know I’ll never be the same without him.

Lifting the covers slightly, I slide my body down his, curling up into a ball next to him. I know I’m going to wake him up in a moment, but I don’t think he’ll mind.

Lifting my head, leaning over his hips, the flat of my warm tongue finds his sleeping manhood. Resting softly against his body, its shape and size about to be transformed. My tongue licks the length of his cock, another lick covers this side, my tongue slides down to lick his balls, sucking them gently into my mouth one at a time. He stirs. My ears are treated to his low growl, his senses waking to my submission. His hips move as he stretches his legs out, muscles waking to desire.

His fingers find my hair and start twirling. I know he’s with me now, even though he hasn’t said a word. Sliding his cock fully into my mouth, the warmth surrounding him, the wetness enlivening him, I feel him grow, harden, filling my mouth.
My tongue licks the veins I feel pulsing with life. I suck and slide him in and out. His cock too large to keep inside any longer

My tongue slides up to the tip, seeking the foretaste of his pleasure. I find it leaking from that tiny hole. Licking it off him, I taste his need. Sucking on his head, I crave more.

Thus the dance begins. My head bobbing and sliding, licking and sucking. His hand in my hair, twisting and pulling, forcing me to take him deep, all the way down my throat, holding me there while I gag and choke on his body. My grunting and panting matched by his growling and groaning. Over and over this dance moves us through time. I can’t get enough of his pleasure, he can’t get enough of my submission.

A rhythm established, muscles contracting, hearts pounding, he grabs my head once more and pushes himself into me, completely. His hips thrust his cock deep down my throat. He holds himself still, both hands twisted in my hair. I listen for the sounds I know are coming, the noises I love. My head starts feeling lost, body deprived of air, but still I focus. My reward is near.

Seconds is all I wait, his body pulses violently, his growl starting low, rumbling even lower as he releases his seed into my body. The ropes of cum slide down my throat.

His fingers loosen their grip, breath finds my lungs again. Not wanting it to be over, I suck his head, pulling out the last few drops of that creamy deliciousness. All mine.
Sliding my body back up beside him, I crawl into his arms, resting my head on his chest so I can listen to his heartbeat as it slows.

“Good morning babygirl,” his whispered words as his arm wraps around me holding me tightly to him. Two people, together, we feel like one.

A Dare

“Don’t be nervous.” He patted right above my knee as he put the car in park in the driveway.

“I’m not,” I lied. I swallowed and carefully stepped out of the car, smoothing and tugging at my skirt as I did.

“What did I say?” He grabbed my hand away and squeezed it as my cheeks flashed hot and red. I could feel the breeze between my legs, all the muscles in my body working hard. Wondering what kind of cock-drunk haze I was in when I agreed to this ridiculous idea.

His parents were at the door, smiling brightly, looking like a couple from an insurance commercial. Handsome, wholesome, and of fucking course the house smelled like roast chicken and apple pie.

“It’s so nice to meet you!” his mom said, pulling me into a tight hug. I hugged her back, taking careful little baby steps into the house before hugging his father.

“Come on in,” he said, ushering us into the living room where every piece of furniture was expensive, immaculate, and the exact kind of material that would show even the slightest stain or drop of moisture. I was fully, entirely fucked, and he fully, entirely knew how his parents had furnished their living room when he made me agree to this shit.

My mind flashed back to right as we were getting ready to leave. Him grabbing my wrist as I was getting my purse. Wordlessly pressing me against the wall, slipping his hand between my legs and pulling my panties down.

I searched frantically for the bathroom but he must have read my mind because he tightened his grip on my hand and pulled me to the couch. My eyes were saucers, staring at the fabric. There’s no fucking way they won’t notice. Maybe I can just eat here? Maybe I can talk them into having dinner out here..and he can make me a plate, and..no, there’s no way. I’m fucked.

As I started to sit, I could feel the cum begin to slip so I clenched my muscles and awkwardly sat down with my legs crossed tightly. In this way, my thigh and ass cheek were the parts making contact with the couch, rather than the pussy he had just unloaded into not 45 minutes earlier.

“So, P tells me you went to school in North Carolina?” his dad asked, cleaning his glasses and regarding me with a pleasant, dadly face.

“Yes,” I said, clearing my throat. “UNC. Sorry. Yes. Uh, English major, you know, very lucrative..” I trailed off. It was becoming exceedingly hard to concentrate on anything but the muscles below my belly button.

“Well these days it really doesn’t matter what you major in, just that you went to school,” his mom said sweetly.

We all chuckled. Which was horrible. Laughing. Not good. Laughing, coughing, or moving were pretty much out of the question. We had agreed I would make it till after dinner, but every time I frantically looked at the clock, it seemed like it hadn’t budged. It was only 5:45 and they said dinner would be at 6:30.

“Are you sure you don’t want anything to drink?” his mom said, a nervous edge to her voice that most southern women get when you refuse any kind of hospitality.

“Well, I suppose if you’re going to have a glass of wine..” it was probably best to be conciliatory. I didn’t have to actually drink the stuff, just slowly sip it so as not to give offense. The last thing I needed was a full bladder compounding my predicament.

We sipped and chatted, and I managed somehow to keep my lower half frozen solid while my upper half continued to act like a human person. Finally it was time for dinner. Good only because it meant this preposterous situation would soon be coming to an end, bad because it meant I had to stand up and move to the kitchen table without leaking anywhere.

Standing up took some effort but I did it. Every step was torture. Who puts their kitchen so far from their living room?? Honestly. But I was almost there, one hand on the back of my chair, when I felt a droplet slide down my thigh, cooling in the air on my skin. I bit my lip and plopped down into my chair, clamping my thighs together and whisking my napkin onto my lap. I dabbed at the droplet, now on the back of my knee, while his mother passed the rolls.

I truly don’t remember what we talked about at dinner. I think his dad retired from the post office but he also served in some branch of the military before that. His mom was a teacher. His brother is…somewhere and I think has a kid?

I stared at his father as he mopped up the few remaining globs of mashed potato from his plate, trying very hard not to allow that image to conjure other images in my mind. When he pushed the last bite into his mouth I hopped up from the table, grabbing as many nearby plates as I could and hurrying to the sink.

“I’ll just dip to the restroom, back in a sec,” I called in a sing-song voice, at this point no longer fighting with gravity just racing against time. I bolted upstairs to the bathroom and practically teleported to the toilet. Every muscle in my body relaxed as the cum spilled out of me and into the bowl. Thank fuck. I survived. I am disgusting.

I wiped and washed my hands, staring at my face in the mirror. I looked fine, amazingly, despite feeling like a gross little pig. I smoothed my clothes and left the bathroom, running smack into my boyfriend.

“You absolute monster!” I hissed, slamming my hand on his chest. He chuckled and grabbed both my wrists, pinning me back against the wall.

“I think it was fun,” he said, keeping my wrists above my head with one hand, sliding the other between my legs. “Still wet, huh?” He took his two fingers and pushed them into my mouth where I could taste both of us, still. As much as I hated to admit it, it turned me on. A lot. I nodded.

He kissed me and pushed his hand back between my legs, stuffed his wet fingers into my pussy, his thumb rubbing my clit. My legs started to give but he kept me up.

“Apple pie for dessert!” his mom called from downstairs.

“Mmm,” he growled in my ear. “Pie.”

Needing a Distraction

He always made fun of me for working too hard at home and not hard enough at work. It’s not that I wasn’t aware of the inherent problems in that policy, just that I worked better at home. Work was too full of distractions.

On this day, as usual, I was sprawled on my tummy on the huge sectional sofa, laptop in front of me, hard at work on spreadsheets. I had my headphones in, listening to jazz and a glass of wine at hand. I was happy. I was so preoccupied, I jumped when I felt a warm hand on my calf.

“Hey!” I giggled. “When did you get home?”

He picked my foot up, kissed my ankle, and put it back down. “At least 20 minutes ago. I was at the store. I put the groceries away, stubbed my toe, and fed the cat. You didn’t budge.”

“Sorry. I have to get this done.”

“We’ll see.”

While it was a strange response, I didn’t think much of it and returned to my work. My boss had been on me about this data and it was important, and I was the best at putting it in spreadsheets our board could interpret. I was just putting the finishing touches on the first of 4 when I felt those same hands on both my calves, rubbing gently.

“That feels good babe,” I said, “but I have to stay focused here. This is gonna take me at least another -” I stopped when his hands slipped up higher on my legs.

“You just keep working.” I could hear the smirk in his voice.

This was…new. We’d been together over a year, living together for a couple months, and our sex life, while always satisfactory, had become a little routine. We used to be the couple who couldn’t keep their hands off each other, even in the public pool. Twice. To completion. Lately it was like we were working off a script. A good one. I wasn’t complaining, but until he started this new little game, I didn’t realize how much I was missing.

I cleared my throat and got back to work. Didn’t turn my head, didn’t say anything. Coltrane’s sax was filling my head, strong hands were massaging my thighs, and suddenly my formulas weren’t adding up right. I don’t know how long it took me to realize I was trying to calculate using the completely wrong cells. My cheeks were flushed and it was getting more and more difficult to focus.

His hands were massaging my hips, fingers dancing towards my ass or around front to my pussy but he kept correcting himself right before he crossed those thresholds. Somehow I knew that as long as I kept from openly reacting to his touch, he’d keep pushing the line, trying to elicit a real tangible response.

He pushed my shirt up in the back, only dragging his fingers lightly over my ass before massaging my lower back in earnest. Careful, slow circles, deep in the muscle, then gentle little tickles along my ribs. I felt goosebumps rising and my thighs were involuntarily flexing together. I hoped he didn’t notice. He slipped his hands around under my arms and grazed the sides of my breasts over my bra.

“Let’s get this off.” He unsnapped it with ease and the straps drooped down my shoulders. I said nothing.

I nearly deleted a whole column when I felt his beard, then his lips on my exposed back. My neck. My ear. My eyes closed, I knew he couldn’t see it but I tried to regain my composure. He straddled me, kissing a trail down my spine, meandering around my back, down to the edge of my pants. With one yank he tugged them down to my knees and started kissing my ass over my panties. I swallowed, hard, and took a slow, quiet breath. Focus. Focus.

He began rubbing my buttocks, straddling my knees, occasionally I could feel his erection drag across my thighs when he leaned over. He was wearing my favorite sweatpants. The ones that don’t hide his bulge at all. While I couldn’t see it, I knew very well that it was there.

When he slipped my panties down, I could tell from the air that I was wet, wetter than I thought I had been. When he dipped his fingers into my pussy from between my closed legs, I could hear how wet I was.

He chuckled. There was no denying that I was very turned on, but I was pretty sure I was doing a good job of keeping my voluntary responses to a minimum. “How’s that spreadsheet going?” he asked.

I gritted my teeth. “Fine.” Truth be told, I hadn’t been paying any attention to what I’d been doing since..I had no idea. I was going to have to redo this one. But I didn’t care.

Long weekend, afternoon delights

A little relief from her horny height Bec used a towel and sat on the lounge, “ I might leak a bit.”
Laughing, “A bit?! You’re leaving snail trails.”
She actually blushed but sat on the towel and lent back, put her heals up on the edge of the lounge and let her knees fall apart exposing her gaped cunt and leaking pucker. We lit up the reefer and I passed it to her, I prefer a pipe and had a couple of them, it was strong and it ran straight to my groin! I was hard again very quickly which Bec appreciated. “Oo Pinky’s ready for play again, is daddy going to fuck my big hole?”
“Daddy’s going to fuck everything Mittens got. I wouldn’t touch the sides in that bucket cunt.”
Bec trembled and I could see her cunt contract, cum dribbling out and run down across her loose arsehole and drip onto the towel.
I leant across her and began to kiss her, she passionately responded, we collapsed together and snogged deeply, out hands found each other nipples, genitals and arses as we explored what we’d use and abuse this weekend.
Our passion, fueled by the drugs drove us to devour each other. I slipped slowly down her body, sucking and nibbling at her neck, I knew she’d be marked but wanted her to be, to remember who she was really a slut for. Her nipples were still tied off and were stone-hard, blackened and cold centres of excitement. I sucked them as hard as I could causing her to squeal and moan, then using my teeth I pulled the ties off. Now she screamed as blood rushed into them and I sucked even harder. The fingers of my right hand were deep into her loose, messy cunt and I pulled them out and shoved them into her mouth to gag her cries and then began to chew on her already abused nipple. She quietend a bit and I returned my hand to her cunt, pressed against her clit with my thumb and dug my four fingers into her g-spot. She moaned and grunted in pleasure. I lifted my mouth a little, “Tell me how you bought the dope.” Then I returned to chewing on her tits and groping her quickly slackening cunt.
Between moans and with a rising panting breaths Bec relayed what she’d done to pay for the dope.
First she’d got the shopping done and by 930 she’d turned up unannounced at the dealers place. She knew that wasn’t how she was meant to do it, she was meant to call first but she’d decided just to turn up and see what he’d demand. She had been really horny after the quick fist and her nipples being tied off, knowing she was going to get a fuck and a weekend of stoned debauchery.
He’d been a bit pissed at her turning up unannounced but let her in telling her to go through to the poolroom. I’d not been there but apparently this was a games room at the back of the house with a pool tanpble and other games where he carried out business, at least the business he did with Bec. About once a month she’d npbe there paying for her dope, usually face down across the poll table getting fucked or on her knees sucking.
This morning he’d been up only a short while and was only dressed in shorts when she arrived. As he let her in past him in the doorway and told her to go to the poolroom he’d slapped her arse. She mormally wore little when she knew she was going there and with just a slip on he knew she’d be paying the usual way and had commented on it.
Bec had waited near the pool table as he collected the bag she wanted turning up a couple of minutes later and tossing it onto the table. He told her to strip and show him the wares. She’d quickly done so and twirled in front of him to display and excite so he’d blow quickly. He always really fucked her roughly and she wanted him to blow quickly so she could get home and start her dirty weekend.
She’d seen his cock rising in his shorts and knelt and pulled them down to have his thick 8 inches spring up. She’d sucked him, He tasted of his morning piss and she’d decided to give home a real slutty show, slobbering and moaning hoping he’d blow quickly as she deep throated him. He grinned down at her then informed her, “I had a slut here last Iggy, she’s just left so you’ll have to work at it, she drained my balls about half an hour ago”
Bec knew he’d take a while to cum, he’d fucked her a few times more than once for an ounce and she always paid the price he demanded. She’d began facefucking herself and sucking as hard as she could keeping her tongue against the sensitive underside of his cock. He was enjoying it and calling her the filthy racist names he gets off one. She was a ‘dirty boong, A black cock-sucking slut, a hole, a fickpig!’
On hearing her description of her abuse I twisted my hand around and slipped my thumb into her arse. She ground down harder.
Bec gets off on abuse and being a whore so this is ok, she’d normally get mad as hell at anything like this but full of cock and she loved it.
He’d grabbed her head and pounded her face until he came balls deep in her throat, Pulled out and wiped his cock across her face. She’d stood up and moved to get her bag and leave but he’d told her, “Not so fast cunt.”
He’d given her a bucket to smoke, then another, then another and she was mightily stoned very quickly. The phone rang and he’d taken the call as she slumped naked on the floor next to his chair. He returned to the room and and sat, “suck me hard.” She rose to her knees and sucked him until he was fully erect again. He’d pushed her away and then told her to lie face down across the table and spread her feet wide. He stepped between her legs and shoved his cock into her loose cunt. “Your cunt is so loose I can barely feel it. It’s more like a flicking bucket you slut. Pull your arse open.”
Bec had been arsefucked by him a few times, what he wanted she let him have so she’d reached back with both hands and pulled her cheeks apart exposing her lossened arsehole, the fisting had been rough but made her arsefucking easier. Her nipples were now ribbing on the felt of the poo table and she was stoned and getting hornier by the second. He’d told her to beg for it and Bec had willingly and enthusiastically begged him to “FUCK MY SLACK BOONG ARSE. FILL ME WITH YOUR WHITE CUM.”
I slid down from her now very marked tits to her gaping holes and started to suck on her clit as my hand was forced into her cunt and the fingers of my other hand forced there way into her arse. With four in her rectum and my hand in her cunt Bec was in the fuck heaven she enjoys.
He’d plunged in and began to plough into her. She’d cut and kept cumming, she’d really been very horny. She was aware only of being his fucktoy when suddenly there was someone else in the room. He didn’t stop or even slow but invited the other man to “shut this little black fuckhole up.” Stuff her face. Bec had looked up to see a bikie sort pulling a cock out of his jeans, she said it was a really thick one a bit smaller than her dealers. Then he climbed on the pool table, grabbed her hair and stuffed his erection into her face. Bec had swallowed and was thoroughly spit roast between the two men. They had her roll over onto her back never taking their cocks out of her and continued to fuck her face and arse.
The bikie was getting closer but her loose arse wasn’t getting her dealer to cum. He’d pulled out and sat on his chair. Bec was ordered to climb off the table and climb onto him, reverse cowgirl with his cock buried in her black arse. Then the bikie came over and stuffed himself into her cunt. They’d sawed into her for a few minutes before both coming in her filling her cunt and arse very close together, pumping of cum into her cunt gave just enough pressure to make her dealer flood her rectum.
When they’d pulled out Bec was made suck them clean, had her dress and dope thrown at her and told, “Get out and you better call next time or you’ll regret it!”
Bec doubted she would regret it.
I was now pumping my fist in her cunt and decided to slip my thumb into her arse as well. She was very lubed with cum and I don’t think she realised a fist was about to enter her arse until I pushed. She squealed and began to thrash about. I bit her clit and ground my clenched fist against her g-spot then shoved my hand into her rectum. She screamed and came. I could feel her contracting rhythmically around my hands as being the vocal slut she is she was calling out how good it felt to be stuffed full, “stuffed like a Christmas turkey!”
I kept her cumming for a few minutes, Bec became incoherent, babbling nonsense, pleading, squealing and eventually begging me to “STOP. PLEASE STOP. I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!”
I lifted my cum covered face and pulled my hands out of both her holes. It made a disgusting slurping sound, air rushing into the gaping orifaces and gurgling deep inside her. I wiped my hands across her belly, tits and had her join me in licking them clean. She was exhausted and laid there, spread and unguarded. I took my phone a photographed her, some of the closeups showed her cervix she was that open.
I went and got drinks, she’d bought a carton of beer and a couple of bottles of wine. I sat opposite her my cock throbbing as I took a swig of cold beer. She was just dozing, lovely in her relaxation and easy availability. I had a couple of pipes then stepped across to Bec and pushed my cock into her mouth. She quickly came to and rolled around to suck me.
I let her do so for a little while then stepped back and passed her thebpipe and a beer, she took both and emptied them quickly.
Recovering we decided on lunch which Bec would prepare while I ‘got the room ready.’
While Bec went naked to the kitchen, I wouldn’t let her wipe herself clean, I wanted her dribbling cum down her legs, I went to the bedroom.
The bedroom had one wall, floor to ceiling of mirrors, we had hooks in the ceiling and above the bed. I put ropes on the bed and laid out our extensive collection of restraints, toys, floggers, and clothing. I put a couple of fresh bottles of poppers near the bed a a large pot of a Crisco was opened. I put the video on the tripod and the camera was nearby for easy use. I opened the security grill so we could easily step out through the window onto the verandah that ran around the house and on this side was adjacent to the fence which separated us from the community and which they used as a shortcut through to the shop.
Bec was still preparing a salad when I’d finished and I approached her from behind. Wrapped my arms around her and ground my erection into her arse. I’d slipped a cock-ring on so I was very hard, purple and dying to be in Bec, she knew it and pushed her arse back. “Which?” I asked
“Whichever.”she replied, “Both!”
I pushed my cock down lined up her arse and slid in with ease. She moaned andhumped back. I began to sodomise her with passion then slipped out and immediately entered her loose cunt. She loves this and came. I began to pound her, slipping from one hole to the other which sort of makes her a bit tighter, not much, she really does have big loose holes but they’re sensitive and she has a huge sex drive. It wasn’t long before she’d really pushed back exposing herself to me and I pounded away. I was getting closer, my breathing increasing, “Which hole slut. Where’d you daddies cum?”
“My black arsehole, fill my black arsehole.”
I slammed into her and pumped my loaded into her asking rectum as I hugged her closely. As I finished I could feel her slack hole leaking cum out, it ran down my balls and dripped onto the floor with a splat which had us both laughing. We pulled apart, becbent downwuicklt and sucked me clean then we finished lunch and made our way back to the lounge to eat. I finished lunch by having Bec get on all fours as she smipoked and let me eat out both her gaping holes and clean her up and make her cum again.
After this we fell alseep lying on the lounge wrapped in each other’s arms.

She fucks on a first date

I decided to go out for the night. It’d been quite some time since I’d been out at all, since my wife had passed away 6 months earlier and I’d basically withdrawn other than work. This evening, a Sunday I just decided to go out have a drink and relax. The centre of town was only a couple of KM from my house so I’d walk and not have to worry about parking, driving etc.
I enjoyed the warm tropical evening, the smell of frangipanies, the sound of waves on the beach were all relaxing and I was mellow by the time I entered the first bar. I ordered a drink and sat at the bar, it was noisey but not my scene and I left after that drink and wandered on further into china town. A couple of bars, same thing then I decided, bugger it I’ll go to the beer garden, that usually has plenty of action, tourists, locals all mixed in together in the open air party area. Raised seating / table areas allowed you to stand aside from the more active dancers and watch the action while enjoying a drink. My one concern was knowing some of my staff went there. I thought I’d just stand off to one side and avoid the mass, slip quietly to the bar when required and no one would notice me.
I was wrong.
I’d been there for a couple of drinks and on my way back to the bar for the third time I was suddenly approached by Bec. She was clearly drunk and hyped up. She was smiling and clearly happy to see me, she was dressed in a light dress shoestring straps, short and not much else other than sandles on her feet. She pressed against me as the crowd encrouched and her large breasts were pressed into me, I was sure she was making the most of the contact, especially when I turned with the drinks and she ensured we were still pressed together. I lead her away from the crush at the bar to the slightly more spaced area where I had been watching the dance floor and stage.
We started chatting, drinking and just getting along. We’d kniwn each other fir a few years but she was just an acquaintance. After another couple of drinks I was going to leave, Bec said that if I was going there was no point staying so she’d leave as well. I protested but she was walking out with me and all too soon we were walking back toward my place, hers was just a bit further out in the same direction so there was nothing unusual in this.
I’d had a few drinks but it became clear that Bec had had quite a few and she required a helping hand. She staggered a bit, falling against me, “Oops, you might have to help me a bit. I’m tipsy.” She slurred
I laughed and placed my arm around her shoulder and steadying her we made our way towards home. At one point we were passing along the beachside and Bec decided she wanted to “splash in the waves.”
She tottered off down the few meters of sand and splashed in the gentle waves as I watched from the edge of the beach. She was playing in the waves, splashing and trying to get me into the water but I wasn’t having any of it. Eventually she tripped over landing on her arse in the waves si I made my way down to her and helped her to her feet. She was soaked and it was now obvious under the tropical moon that the thin dress was all she was wearing, every part of me noticed!
I again put my spare around her and we started up the beach, as we got to the roadside Bec quickly jumped ahead and up the low wall so she was at a height to be face to face with me. To my surprise she grabbed me and kissed me very passionately. I wasn’t resisting, I was completely unprepared and also already aroused by her lush almost naked body.
When she broke the contact she stood back, “I’ve been wanting to do that for ages.”
“Uh, ok.” I stuttered
“You want more?”
“Um, yeah ok. How about we get out of public first.” I suggested
She took my hand and we walked the 1/4 km to my place again chatting this time about her wanting to ‘do me’ since she’d met me years before but because I was married she’d stayed away. Now I wasn’t and she saw me at the beer garden she thought it’d be her chance.
We got to my place, it was quite private with a secluded entry down a driveway. As I unlocked the door Bec again stepped up really close and grabbed me pulling my face down to hers and kissing me. This time I was prepared and we were immediately passionately snogging and pawing at each other. My cock was aching, I hadn’t had a fuck in almost a year and I was going to plough this little black girl stupid. She wanted to do me, I was going to fuck her hollow.
We got inside, she need a pee so I showed her the toilet and a quick tour of the house as we went. I then went back to the lounge and poured a couple of drinks.
When she returned she asked if I had a wrap as she was wet and the air conditioning was making her cold. I joked that I could see, her nipples were small but very erect and made my way to get a sarong from the bedroom as I passed I gave her her drink, a ‘red fucker’ gin, vodka, white rum, grenadine and lemonade over ice.
I got a brightly coloured sarong and kicked off my own boots, jeans and shirt and wrapped another sarong around my waist.
“You’re not lost?” She called from the lounge
“No, right there.” I grabbed a bag of dope and pipe from the bedside cabinet as I knew she smoked and made my way back to find Bec spiralled across the long leather lounge. She was very comfortable and naked.
“I was cold and waiting for the sarong.” She said with mock humility. Her lovely brown skin was shining as were her eyes, she was very aroused and displaying it beautifully.
I laughed and tossed the sarong I had for her as I got my drink from the bar and then chose a seat on the chair beside the lounge.
“How’s the red fucker?” I asked
She looked a bit confused,” I haven’t seen it. Is it red?” She asked quizzically
“The drink you nong.”
“Oh that yeah it’s nice. Where’d you get it?”
“I made it up. Careful it’s strong.”
“Trying to get me drunk so you can have your way with me are you Mr.?”
“No. Not at all, you’re easy. I’m getting you relaxed so you can take it.”
This got her attention and she swilled around to face me but in doing so gave me a perfect look at her pink inner flesh between shaven lips. She noticed my gaze.
“Pervert!” Laughing heartily
“If you like!”
She smiled and unwrapped the sarong letting it fall to the floor. “You like?”
“I like. A lot big tits, shaven cunt, brown girl in heat, who could ask for more?” The lech coming out.
Bec laughed and drank her glass down in one go as I started to pack a pipe. I passed it to her as she finished,” here have this, you want another’s?”
She nodded as she put the pipe to her lips and lit up inhaling deeply.
“I have warned you about these and that dopes very good stuff.”
“I’m good, I can hold my liquor and Ganga.”
I poured her another drink and approached the lounge from the rear passing her drink to her from behind as she finished the pipe and placed it back on the table. She leant back and took the drink brushing my erection with the back of her hand as she did.
“I’ve shown you mine can I see yours now please?”
I laughed and stepped around to my chair and dropped my sarong so I stood naked before her just out of reach. I’m reasonably hung, 7 1/2 inches hard and I was throbbingly hard. I reached down for the pipe and packed it standing in front of her as she inspected me. I stood up and smoked, I could feel her eyes on me, closely travelling over my body.
“Not bad for an old man.” I’m 50 and still fit, 178cm, 70kg, long hair, beard.
I laughed, “cheeky young black bitch are we?”
“You better believe it. Once you go black you’ll never go back white boy.”
I packed a second pipe and inhaled strongly.
“Turn around whitey, show us the arse. Gotta see the arse on a man.”
“Who’s the pervert.”
“Every time.”
I bent to again pack the pipe to be surprised by Becs hands suddenly grabbing either buttock and pulling them apart.
“Arse I said, I meant arsehole.” Then she kissed me right on my puckered hole. I groaned, loving arse play, rimming, sodomy anything anal.
“Like that huh. I always thought you were a pervert. I bet you take it up the arse.”
Turning I passed the pipe to Bec,”you’re definitely going to. I bet you squeal real good when it goes in.”
She was inhaling deeply, the dope was getting to me and I was now raring to go. It was affecting her too, her eyes had that glazed, horny, filthy look.
“Oh I’m a screamer honey. The neighbours are gunna get an earful tonight, it’s been months once I’ve had anything but my fingers up my hole. It’s been getting lonely and tight. Mums nearly caught me wanking a few times now I’m so fucking horny.”
She stood up alongside me sliding her lush body up mine as she did so, her heavy tits sliding past my cock and across my stomach as she stood. We embraced and began to snog, she grabbed my cock and squeezed it, hard. I groped her big tits, they were soft and her nipple small bullets. We kissed, bit, chewed and snogged deeply. My hand slipped between her thighs which parted so very easily and I felt the mess that was her sloppy cunt. As it turned out Bec had a big loose sloppy cunt, just how I like them to be. As we sank to the leather lounge we engaged in very heavy petting, I had three fingers into her cunt, my thumb massaging her clitorus and she responded enthusiastically grinding into me and wanking my cock hard.
I began to kiss my way down her neck then across her tits, biting her nipples to make her cry slightly, my fourth finger was inside her as I slid down across her belly and sank my tongue into her belly button and sucked. She was squeezing her tits and pulling at her nipples really hard. She had her eyes closed and her mouth open breathing rapidly and loudly.
“I’m going to eat you out my little black slut.”
“You fucking better you white cunt sucker.” And she pushed my head down, wrapping her fingers in my long hair and pulling me into her mess.
I still had four fingers in her hole, it was easy to do and I was scrubbing the g-spot really hard, it seemed that Bec loved her sex raw and hard. I took her swollen clitorus, it was also big, like her tits and bit it, not too hard but a bite. She squealed, ‘oh yes’ I thought a real squealer. I like verbal women.
“Suck it cunt sucker.” And pulled my face into herself.
I began to kiss, lick and suck her. My fingers were now in as far as my knuckles, my thumb rubbing her arsehole and her clitorus was really very swollen. As I sucked she became noisier, groaning, grunting when I pushed deeper and when I eventually penetrated her arsehole she squealed again.”YES YOU BASTARD.”
I sawed my hand back and forth as I ate her cunt, it was pouring juices, she really did get wet. Every plunge in made her wetter and her noises became demands.
“Suck it cunt. Finger fuck me. Eat meeeee.” As she squealed her orgasm. I just went for it and folded my thumb into my palm and fisted her as she began to contract in orgasm. It was so easy, she was sliding up my forearm above the wrist joint. I could feel her contracting rhythmically and cumming so much I couldn’t drink all her juices so they were pooling under her bouncing arse.
This went on for a few minutes, me sucking and fisting her roughly, Bec squealing and grunting like a pig as she rose orgasm after orgasm. I love making a woman cum and Bec acme really easily.
When she was becoming exhausted she tried to push my head away,”please I got to rest.” She pleaded.
I looked up at her flushed face, her nipples I noticed looked swollen where she’d been twisting them and pulling and tugging really hard as she came.
“One more big one.” I replied and watched her closely as I ripped my hand out, formed a fist and punchfucked her.
Becs eyes bulged alarmingly, she inhaled deeply and screamed. I pulled out and punched again. She screamed, “Oh god, fuck my big hole!”
I took this as a command and punched in. She was gaping, loose as any cunt I’d ever had and so fucking wet I had her juice up to my biceps, down my chin and neck and across my chest. My own cock was throbbing painfully.
I knelt between her thighs. “I hope your ready slack cunt.” Then I pushed my cock into her alongside my fist.
I grabbed my own cock and began to wank it inside this gorgeous black slut writhing under me. She was cumming, she reached around and grabbed my back pulling me into her and digging her nails into my back. She was screaming which only became reduced as she bit into my shoulder. I was starting to get close and found myself chewing on her neck. I began to grunt and she began to demand that I “fill my big black cunt.”
That did it I blew into her and rammed my hand as deep as I could. We were both so noisy I’m amazed the police weren’t called by the neighbours.
It took us about 5 minutes to recover enough to come to and start to untangle ourselves.
I knelt back pulling my still erect cock out of her, we were both soaked in our mixed juices. My fist was still in her. Bec smiled and wriggled,”hmm, I like to be FULL, really full.”
I smiled,”I bet that takes a lot. You’ve got a BIG black hole there.”
Bec ground around my forearm,”you better believe it honky. I like my hole to be full and used. Now pull out and see how open it’ll be.”
She was right, her cunt didn’t contract, as she lay there displaying herself her cunt just gaped beautifully.
She noticed my still hard cock,”it doesn’t go down?!”
“Not just with one cum it doesn’t. I intend to fuck you hollow. Three holes all night. You up for it?”
In answer Bec opened her mouth wide and licked her tongue around her thick lips.”twist around here and let’s clean each other up and we’ll start the next round.”
I quickly accommodated this never removing my fist but using her hole as a fulcrum, taking most of my weight deep in her cavernous hole as I climbed over her body to be in the perfect 69 position. Bec grabbed my hips and supported them.”fuck my face with your big white cock. Go on fuck my nigger lips.” I nearly came there and then. As she slid her hands around to my arse cheeks I lowered my cock into her open gob. Her tongue greeted my glans and kept licking as I slid across it and straight down her open throat. It was just that easy. My balls touched her nose and by pubic bone her chin as I dived into her cunt. I’d pulled my fist out to pull her lips wide and then used four fingers of both hands to pull her open, her lips stretched really wide allowing me to delve inside. We went at each their like pigs in a trough, I near was in her trough! She encouraged me to pound her face like no other woman I’d ever known. So I just skull fucked her, full length, full speed skull fucking as I stretched and gobbled her huge cunt. I’d cum once so could last and we ate each other for somewhere near half an hour, she squealed repeatedly and eventually continuously as she orgasmed over and over. I eventually got near to giving her my second load. I knew it was going to happen and chose that point to drive 6 fingers, three from either hand into her arsehole and rip her open. She screamed obscenities but they were gurgled around my cock as I buried it full length in her throarpt and pumped my balls into her.
She was struggling beneath me and I pulled back a bit to let her get some air. She pushed me off. “You dirty bastard. You nearly choked me and taped my hole.”
I rolled off, goo stringing between both our groins and each other’s faces. “Not yet have I rapped your arse. That’s just preparation baby.”
“Oh god you’re dirty. I’d never have guessed how dirty you are Mr.”
“You ain’t seen nothing yet.”
She groaned and rolled off the lounge,”I gotta pee.”
“Need a target?” Opening my mouth.
Bec shivered, “really dirty boy.” And took my hand pulling,e behind her. We went towards the toilet but I pulled her out the black door onto the verandah and laid myself down on my back. I smiled up at her and opened my mouth. “Seat lady?”
Bec groaned and stepped over me before lowering herself directly over my open mouth. “You sure about this?”
I grabbed her hips and pulled her down onto my face as I said,”PISS SLUT!”
“Oh god you are aren’t you. A fucking piss slut-shamed!” And she let a stream of hot piss go straight into my mouth. Licked and sucked and drank her golden shower down. She pissed a lot and fast so it spilled across my face as I couldn’t swallow quickly enough. As her piss started to wain she lent forward slightly a took my cock in her hand, it was rising again, never really going soft. “Oo, you’re getting playful again. “
She licked it until it was hard again as I cleaned her up and then began to rim her passionately. Bec clearly like it and ground her loosened arse onto my face. My tongue reached into her rectum as far as I could to feel the really smooth tissue inside. It’d obviously been fucked, a lot, it was loose and I loved it so I began to really kiss and suck it deeply to get her to open up completely. Bec was growling as she began to again swallow me. I was pushing up into her throat eagerly. I didn’t need to cum noe just enjoy fucking a nice slack hole, a throat in this case.
Bec suddenly lifted off my cock.
“I heard something!”
I grunted into her arsehole as she’d sat back on my face and was suffocating me. She rolled off me although I didn’t want her to and stood up checking towards the fence.
“I heard something over there.”pointing to the fence near the caravan park next door.
“It’s most probably a tourist wanking off watching us. Get back here.” I demanded as I lay covered in her piss and my cock glistening with her slobber.
Bec looked back at me and smiled. “You want to ‘cum’ over here? You’ve still got one hole to please!”
I was up and behind her wriggling buttocks in a second. She just lent against the wall and looked back across her shoulder, she nodded her head at the fence where she thought she’d heard something or someone. For effect she dramatically and loudly demanded, “Go on whiteboy, Fuck my black starfish. Plant your white seed in my black guts. FUCK MY ARSE!”
I grabbed her hips, her legs we’ll spread. I used my thumbs to pull her large soft brown buttocks apart so I could see her loosened hole, I could see her gaping cunt drooling cum down her thighs. It was so sexy. My cock was aimed where it was meant to be.”brace yourself you little nigger slut, your arse.” I ploughed in balls deep, she gasped a bit “is” I pulled completely out, she whimpered, “mine!” I slammed in and Bec began to cum. She was that easy. She began to squeal, I knew she was holding back because we were outside so I really began to pound her arse really hard and fast so that we were slapping together loudly.” Scream slut. Let people know what a slut you are.”
Bec began to squeal rather than scream but she didn’t hold back she just let her hole pleasure her.
“I bet the wanker wants the next go.”now she screamed, her arse even grasped my cock for a second before returning to its loose self.
“I bet he’s even got friends!” Scram, grasp cock, slack and then she squirted! Juice sprayed out of her cunt across our legs, the wall and floor and she slumped forward even though I hoed her hips in place to utterly try and destroy her arsehole. I wasn’t going to cum any time soon, she really does have a loose arsehole!
I pulled out and let her go and she slumped to the floor on her knees. I stepped before her and looked down at her face. “You know what yo do don’t you.”
Bec smiled, “oh yes massa, I’ll be a good little nigga girl and suck your big ole dirty arse fucking cock.”
She dramatically licked her lips as she grasped my cock and balks in one hand. She kissed the head and licked it, them loud enough for any audience, “Oo it’s tastes of my arse.” And she swallowed to the balls, her grip on my cock and balls squeezing and pulling me forward as her other hand slipped between my thighs through our spilled juices and up to my ownarsehole. She was smiling up at me. She pulled me back enough to talk with a full mouth,”I’m going in slut!” She shoved her fingers into my arsehole. I was forced forward into her throat, I groan and she pushed again, hard and four fingers were in to her knuckles. She didn’t know I like being fisted but she was going to discover it very soon and in semi- public. She grunted in her throat, her eyes widened as she entered easily. I was pulled back by the balls, completey out of her mouth this time, drool stringing between cock and face,”slut! This little black girls going to fist fuck you whiteboy!” And she shiver her hand up my arse. I squealed, “Yes please Miss, fuck my losse hole.”
Bec swallowed again and began to fist me, pulling almost out, she formed a fist to make it bigger and pull me looser on each retraction then punch deeply. She was gurgling something around my cock as she sucked and fucked me on the back verandah, in front of a stranger.
I still wasn’t going to ejaculate but my arse started to cum. My legs buckled but I npbalanced myself and stood before the kneeeling black girl who proceeded to fist fuck me deep and hard. My cock was pouring juice into her throat and she seemed to love all of it. God it was heaven and we were both very happy at that point in time.
She eventually pulled out and pushed me away. I staggered back and she unsteadily rose to her feet. She faced the fence,”I hope you enjoyed the show. Come back again for more of the perverts, bring friends.” And taking my hand flounced into the house as we both giggled in lust, inebriation and just the weirdness of it all.
We wen to the shower and cleaned up, we were cobpvered, quite literally in all sorts. We enjoyed washing every and I do mean every bit of each other. Taking a bar of soap in your fist and pushing it into your new girlfriend on the first date is unusual but it was so much fun to hear her moaning then squealing as the soap stung. I pushed the shower hose up her to cool it off. I scribbled her tits, and arsehole as well promising,”I’m going to fist you little bum hole.”
She washed me down soaping home every inch of my body then returning the favour and shoving a soap bar way up my arse inside her fist. I squealed but pushed my hole towards her and she loved it. “I’m going to destroy your slack hole right up to my elbow the. Shove both fists up you.” I was trembling with lust an desire.
She washed me out really well.
Then we dried off and returned to the lounge. We got more drinks, red fuckers again, what the fuck we were both pissed and stoned and plannned more debuachery if we were able. Work didn’t look likely in a few hours so we planned to really epwaste each other. We smoked a few pipes and were epreally stoned by the time I got the toy bag. A large tote with ciffs, ropes, dildos from 8”x 1” to oh my god 18” x 3”. Vibrators, spreader bars, whips, belts, nipple clamps, cock rings, sounds just about anything and Bec wasn’t aghast at any of it, much to my surprise.
We talked and it turned out she had been a dom whore years before and specialised in arse fucking men which she loved to do but had trouble finding men to let her. “A fingers to much for most of the wimps.”
I laughed, “Not for me.”
“I noticed when my fist was going in and out without touching the sides, I was half way to my elbow!” She noticed my cock twitch. “Pervert! See I was right you are a pervert.”
“Have to be one to know one, size queen black slut!”
“When your taking it, I’m Miss Bec!”
“Yes Miss Bec.”
“On your npbelly obpver the arm of the lounge!”
I did as was I was told. She rummaged in the bag and brought forth what she wanted. I had my ankles kicked wide apart and tied to the legs of the lounge, my wrists were similarly tied to the opposite end of the lounge. She discovered the side pocket with the Crisco and poppers, both of which she knew the use of. “Oh goody. YOURE FUCKED WHIET BOY. This little black dipuck is going to rape your hole until I’m staisfaied and I don’t care what you think. You’re going to pay for all the black women raped by white bastards obover the years.”
“Yes Miss Bec. Use me, fuck me, destroy me, rape my hole, pleeease!”
A cock-gag was stuffed in my mouth and tied off. Poppers were stuffed under my nose, “I’d sniff deeply, you’re going to need it!”
I sniffed and the drug hit my balls and hole, I lost any semblance of control and began to writhe attempting to get her in me. Miss Bec stepped forward, she had Chi Chi strapped on, 12” x 3” of brown dong that looked like it was her won cock. She’d pulled on shoulder length red latex gloves and high heals. “I’ll be at the right angle to fuck your brains out and I’m not stopping slut. You’ll either love this or it’s going to be the worst time of your life!” She stepped behind me out of sight and I heard her sniffing deeply. ‘Oh fuck, my wife used poppers to loose it and just fiduciary my brains out.’
I fleet the tip,of the dong press against my exposed greasy hole. It’d npbeen coated to the balls in a thick coat of Crisco. Miss Bec lent across my back, the dong just starting to slip in, I’d have pushed back but I wasn’t able to move much at all, I was splayed for her enjoyment. The little brown bottle was stuffed up one nostril and the other pressed closed. With the dong-gag I was compelled to breathe poppers and starts burst befipore my eyes as I started to fly. The she fucked me!
Miss Bec heaved her hips forward and began to fuck my arsehole with all her might until she’d bottomed out. The bottle was taken away and after some deep sniffs from above and behind me Miss Bec grabbed my hips and began to destroy my rectum and beyond. I was screaming in pleasure and real pain but she just pounded away calling me every filthy name she could. She had some real anger issues by the names and things she referred to, rapes, gang rapes, sodomy by an uncle apparently and she relived and relieved them on me. She was bottoming out with every thrust and was sonnpulling completely out and pounding in so my sphincter had very quickly gone from being stretched to barely feeling anything as she wiped out any muscle resistance. It was opening new areas deep inside me, straightening my rectumand entering my colon. I felt my guts surrender, so did she, “that’s it slut, you’re mine now. This is my arsehole isn’t it slut?” I nodded enthusiastically as she just went ballistic and fucked her new white slut and fuck hole. For about 29 minutes she pounded me, her breathing became ragged and she eventually came loudly announcing it, “that’s it slut satisfy me, take it all up your asrehoe you white faggot!” She rammed it fully into me the dongs balls crushing my own as she collapsed across my back in exhaustion. I’d been anally orgasming since Chi Chi entered me, I always had dome with Chi Chi. Now I was just a limp fucktoy lying beneath my abuser, both of us satisfied.
When she pulled out she described how my hole, “just gaped and hung open, ready for more!” She pushed her clenched fist into me, I barely felt it. She swirled it around and I came, again. Then she popped it out and untied me, I collapsed to the floor before crawling to the lounge where she lay, now naked again. We cuddled up together and fell soundly asleep. Awakening a few hours later we decided that we’d better make a thing of it.